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Rupert The Very Naughty Elephant is a hot new children's book with a lesson for kids.
Rupert is a very naughty elephant. He doesn't want to get out of bed, do his chores, or eat his breakfast. He's even naughty at school! One day a new girl comes to school and she is very naughty. But is she naughtier than Rupert? When Rupert sees her behavior, he doesn't like it. And when he realizes how naughty he has been acting, he decides to choose better behavior.

Why I write children's books.

I write children's books because I love children. Ok, I love making up stories too but I really love to see their eyes light up when you are telling them a tale. I love to see a child grab a book and want to sit on a lap. I think is very precious when we adults take a minute, read and laugh with our child. Our tiny humans deserve our time. Every child needs to have fun and entertainment but what our children also need is our focused attention. That few minutes on a lap, with a book, laughing at character and learning values. I don’t know if its possible to have a bad day when you get smiles from curly haired children with rosy cheeks. How is it that some of us are too busy to give them this time? I want my books in the hands of children everywhere, I want them in love with the characters and most of all I want them learning something about life. Rupert the very naughty elephant and many of my upcoming books have little life lessons hidden with in them. I believe lack of knowledge cripples a child to act out what is in front of them but education through theses life lessons gives our child a choice in who they will become. So taking a few moments from your day, set down with your child and Rupert the naughty elephant. Give them your full attention and help them become the best person they can be.

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A very naughty elephant who learns good behavior.

Can you handle the violence? Rupert is a very naughty elephant but has he met his match? One day a new girl came to school and things changed... boy did they change!!!

We all love cartoons, Tom and Jerry,Loony tunes. As a child watching those cartoons I remember some one always getting thumped on the head or blown up. Some how they survived. In this colorful book. You may see some one get in some ones face or some one get a black eye. Lets see if Rupert learns to have better behavior.

Why This Book

Because every Child matters. "Rupert The Very Naughty Elephant" is a fun and adorable book that helps to reinforce good behavior.

For parent it is great to have teaching tools that help our children learn how to make better behavioral choices.

An excellent resource for you and a great therapy tool for children with Behavior Problems.

Follow along with Rupert's Adventures, and you can choose good behavior too!!

"We are finished with the beautiful full color illustrations and on to publishing!"

Rupert The Very Naughty Elephant is a sensational, rhyming, read aloud book with adorable characters.

Fall in love with this irresistible elephant as he learns the value of good behavior.

Quickly to become a favorite, Rupert will steal your heart as you turn the pages of this charming book.

This 24 page book will soon be available in hardback, soft cover and as an e-book and on kindle.

Novelty book: for kids of all ages. Target reading level ages 5 to 9.